Buffett was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi, on December 25, 1946. He grew up in Mobile, Alabama, and attended the University of Southern Mississippi.

After college, Buffett moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue a career in music. He released his first album, “Down to Earth,” in 1972.

Buffett’s breakthrough came in 1974 with the release of the album “A1A.” The album featured the song “Margaritaville,” which became a worldwide hit.

Buffett went on to release over 30 albums, and his music has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. He has also won numerous awards, including a Grammy Award for Best Tropical Album in 2004.

He founded the Margaritaville restaurant chain in 1985, and he also has a line of clothing and other merchandise.

Buffett was a popular figure in Key West, Florida, where he lived for many years. He was known for his love of sailing and his laid-back lifestyle.

Buffett was married to Jane Slagsvold from 1969 until his death. They had two children together.

Buffett died on September 2, 2023, at his home in Key West, Florida. He was 79 years old.

The cause of death was natural causes, according to a statement from his management company.

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